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watch manufacturer - How about the demand space of watch custom market?

2018-05-14     942

Last year the domestic DIY related industry has exceeded 99.7 billion, nearly 100 billion mark.Personalized needs directly into real gold silver, from the published datastatistics show that the watch made a certain share, although not as accessories,digital electronics, furniture industry share, but it is also reflected in theside of the watch user group began to receive personalized products, not athousand pieces of mass production watch. Shenzhen is the base of the watchindustry, in the year for domestic consumers to bring the good feeling whenthey purchase watches, how about the idea of Shenzhen watch manufacturer on thecustom watch? How about the marketdemand space ?

Shenzhen watchmanufacturer marketing manager said the demand of custom watch is very large,but it has a feature on the group, the amount is less, each custom may becustomized one or two watches, which profit is relatively small, because it cannot be mass production, the production cost is higher, so the profit is lessthan the men's watches mass production . But in order to meet the consumer'spersonalized needs, watch manufacturers are still treated equally to produce thequality of the products are guaranteed to return the trust of consumers.

According to the currentdevelopment trend, the watch customized demand will increasing, but order basedoes not have marked increased, each user ordert custom just one or twowatches, couple watch, love watch, filial piety watch will be active in themarket. On the unit price, the price of the product will be higher than 5% ofthe price of other products. For consumers, they are willing to pay 5% of thecost to buy a product of the one and only watch. This is the status of the watch market, of course, there are somecompanies order custom watches to send employees, this number is relativelarge, the profits are better than less quality.

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